AMF Mar Vista Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

Key Alley Information

Address 12125 Venice Blvd
City Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone Number (310) 391-5288
Map/Directions See Below
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AMF Bowling Centers has a variety of alleys throughout the United States; in fact, they are the largest owner and operator of bowling alleys worldwide. The AMF Mar Vista Bowl on Venice Boulevard in Venice, California, however, looks to be one of their more successful ventures.

Area bowlers and visitors to the lanes immediately comment on the manner to which it has embraced an psychedelic, throw-back atmosphere that permeates through the lanes. The other side of the coin, though, is the fact that there won’t be a lot of flashy gimmicks or fancy features. If you’re looking for a center at which to spend an entire day with the family, this probably won’t be it. (Unless your kids like bowling in multiple leagues.)

Organized bowling seems to be what AMF’s Mar Vista Bowl emphasizes, and they have some interesting offers. In addition to the traditional leagues we’re all accustomed to, they also feature bowling “clubs.” Fun and laughs abound for club players, and while they might not have much of a competitive spirit, they still love the game.

There is also an AMF League Bowler reward program which can net you some great deals on all sorts of stuff.

The food and drink offerings at AMF Mar Vista Bowl are pretty standard. Their “Laneside Munchies” offers a lot of different types of food, and they’ve just unveiled some brand new items, including mini sliders and a Team X-Treme package packed with all your favorite appetizers. Their website, however, displays a “Taco Beef” specialty pizza that looks a bit pricey and not too delicious. Perhaps it’s just the lighting…

Either way, AMF is a trusted name in the bowling alley business, and Mar Vista Bowl in L.A. is definitely a good place to check them out.

Our Verdict:

Leagues: A

Decor: A-

Prices: B

Food/Drink: C+

Promotions: B-

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Rating: 6.0/10 (1 vote cast)
AMF Mar Vista Bowl – Los Angeles, CA, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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