Aviation Alley – Neenah, WI

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Address 3282 Breezewood Lane
City Neenah
Website https://www.facebook.com/aviationalley
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Map/Directions See Below
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Rating: 8.2/10 (6 votes cast)

Aviation Alley in Neenah WI

Some bowling alleys have a theme–and maybe some decorations to back it up–but this newly-launched spot in Neenah Wisconsin blows away just about all of them.

Screenshot_2013-12-18-21-16-03Aviation Alley a 2 lane aviation-themed bowling alley in a room built inside the hangar at an airport. On the right wall beside the lanes there is an actual airplane that was flown last winter until a lake incident broke off the landing gear (right). Afterwards, they decided to install it in a brand new hangar, with the plane coming through the wall at an angle to look like it’s crashing though. The finishing touches include a pilot inside and a functioning propeller run by electric motor.

In addition to this awesome touch, Aviation Alley delivers the goods with its equipment and technology. The lanes are Brunswick pro-anvil synthetic, and there’s Brunswick A-2 pinsetters, automatic scoring and even the latest Kegel Flex Lane Oiler that uses bluetooth, so you can pick your lane pattern from the Kegel library and send it right to the lane oiler using Fire and Ice Oil cartridges.

And if that wasn’t enough, you will also find a CAT system for measuring ball speed, ball location and ball revolutions. 1 110″ projection screen down the lane, 3 40″ screens above the foul-line and 4 50″ screens on the wall.

Overall, it’s a setup that puts many major bowling alleys to shame, and remember, we’re talking about a 2-lane alley in an airport!

It’s safe to say you’ll never see another bowling alley like this, and Aviation Alley, only completed since January, has the potential to become one of the most interesting bowling spots in the country. We here at Bowling Alleys USA can’t wait to see it for ourselves.



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Rating: 8.2/10 (6 votes cast)
Aviation Alley - Neenah, WI, 8.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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