Dream Lanes – Madison, WI

Key Alley Information

Address 13 Atlas Ct
City Madison, WI 53714
Website http://dreamlanes.com/
Phone Number (608) 221-3596
Map/Directions See Below
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Rating: 8.3/10 (10 votes cast)

Bowlers in Madison, WI have quite a few choices when they are looking to roll a few games. Dream Lanes, an alley on the East side, deserves to be near the top of everyone’s list for its fun atmosphere but most importantly its great specials.

Buck Nights, Bowl Your Brains Out Deals

Tuesday nights are Buck Nights, which is an excellent deal. Just about anything you’d possibly want costs just a dollar, including games of bowling, rental shoes, sodas, tap beers and icees.

The only deal in town that can compete with this occurs at the very same alley on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The “Bowl Your Brains Out Special” is a great value and a whole lot of fun.

Red Pin Prizes

At $5 per person, you get unlimited bowling for two hours and free shoes. But a “red pin” special is what captures much of the attention.

For each bowler, one frame per game has a red pin as the head pin on the computer monitor. If you strike on that frame, you get a spin on the prize wheel at the end of the night, where you have a chance at winning free games, t-shirts, food and more.

Seeing the red pin show up on the monitor gives bowlers an adrenaline rush and knocking down all ten induces fits of joy and extreme high fives from your friends.

Conversely, some experienced bowlers have been known to suffer from a “red pin curse” in which their normally smooth stroke becomes strongly affected by the pressure of the situation. These bowlers have been razzed by their lane mates and encouraged to pick up the tab at the following week’s Buck Night.

Our Verdict:

Specials: A+

Prices: A

Food and Drink: B

Website: http://www.dreamlanes.com/


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Have you ever been to Dream Lanes in Madison, WI? If so, how Would You Rate It?

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Rating: 8.3/10 (10 votes cast)
Dream Lanes - Madison, WI, 8.3 out of 10 based on 10 ratings


  1. Dan Gamoran says:

    The Dreamlanes specials are amazing, however the days tend to switch around so i recommend checking out the website before driving out there. My one main complaint about dreamlanes are the bartenders. They seem to not want to be there or help out any customers. So if you’re planning on doing some drinking, also make sure to plan on doing some waiting as well.

  2. Alex Connelly says:

    Dream Lanes has always been a place of enjoyment for my friends and me. The deals are hard to beat and the red pin is one of my favorite ideas in any bowling alley. It’s the yahtzee roll when you knock down that red pin strike. The excitement is shared with your group and it is easy to feed off the energy. What’s nice is that if you show up for the full time almost every bowler at any level seems to find the pins falling at least once while the red pin is in the 1 spot. Spinning the prize wheel at the end is a great cap to any bowlers night. I recommend Dream Lanes for the red pin night specifically but in general it is a fun filled alley that is excellent for a night out with your friends.

  3. I bowled in the three man scratch league that ran at Dream Lanes back when I was going to school in Madison. It was a great league, shot was easy, but when everyone on the team got a double you received a free drink coupon(so they know how to treat their bowlers IMO). I never had a problem getting a drink at the bar, but I was bowling here back in 2000 so things may have changed.

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