Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL

Key Alley Information

Address 2646 W Fullerton Ave
City Chicago, IL 60647
Phone Number (773) 486-2700
Map/Directions See Below
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This Chicago bowling center advertises itself as “An Original Chicago” alley, and there is plenty of truth to the claim.

It has been serving the Chicago bowling public for over 60 years, although it has gone through some significant changes during that time.


The building was actually an ice factory in its earliest days, and in the 1940s it was turned into a bowling alley by then owner Hank Sophie.

It was an extremely popular Chicago bowling destination until the 1990s when it began to feature live music. Eventually, the bowling became less and less of a focus, and the music became the main feature. There were still a few nights of league and open bowling, but Fireside was thought of primarily as a venue to catch a show.

Around 2000, rumors swirled that it would have to be shut down as a result of various City of Chicago initiatives. The alley never closed, but it had to agree to a renewed commitment to putting bowling in a more central role.

This lead to a huge renovation in 2004, which resulted in a lot more modern amenities at the alley.

As a Movie Set

The Fireside has experienced the silver screen, as several movies feature the alley, including Rapid Fire from 1992. More famously, the 2006 movie The Break Up, with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, has several bowling scenes that were shot at the Fireside.

Several music artists have also released videos featuring footage from Fireside shows.

Our Verdict:

Historical Significance: A

Prices: B

Food and Drink: B-


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