Splitsville – Miami, FL

Key Alley Information

Address 5701 Sunset Dr
City Miami, FL 33143
Website http://www.splitsvillelanes.com/
Phone Number (305) 665-5263
Map/Directions See Below
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Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote cast)

Splitsville in Miami, Florida is a bowling alley that has undergone a major transformation. They got rid of the old-fashioned atmosphere and tacky memorabilia and have turned it into an impressive destination they refer to as a “luxury lanes and dinner lounge.” If you’re a little skeptical, look no further than the alley’s website for some pretty definitive proof.

Splitsville Website: An Interactive Experience

The Explore Splitsville website probably has more to do than many real bowling alleys and maybe even some small towns. It’s all been created with Flash animation so it’s very interactive. You scroll along to the right of the page and take a fun journey through the town of “Splitsville” and find out more about the bowling alley franchise.

They have locations in Miami and Tampa as well as Arlington, Texas and Fredericksburg, Virginia. As you hover over the cartoony, fun graphics on the website, most of them pop up additional information about the alley’s features and special offers. Throughout all of this, a playlist of high energy popular songs plays and sound effects make it sound like you’re already at the alley.

Craft Beers and Gourmet Food

Splitsville offers a long beer list with plenty of interesting choices including Monk in the Trunk and Stone Arrogant Bastard. The food is eclectic and varied: much more interesting than the hot dog fryer that used to be the alley’s trademark. Today, bowlers choose from some very tasty dishes including Parmesan Chicken Tenders, Goat Cheese al Forno, Thai Shrimp Quesadilla and much more. There is also a sushi bar.


Last but not least, there actually bowling at this place, although you would be forgiven if that small detail might have slipped your mind. Their per-game weekday pricing is actually quite reasonable and the lanes are very high quality.

Our Verdict:

Atmosphere: A-

Website: A+

Prices: B-

Features: B+


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Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Splitsville - Miami, FL, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


  1. Seriously, you could spend hours just scrolling through the website. It’s that awesome.

  2. Came in during super bowl night: had an awkward experience. My server was Tony S and manager on duty Desiree. Server was SUUUUPER RUDE! Bad attitude, rolled his eyes, voice tone was annoyed when i only asked for a pizza. We walked away in the middle of us ordering food. His attitude was beyond worst customer service ever. The lady at main lobby was a sweetheart, forgot her name. But we told Desiree and she didnt even showed concerned. We waited the looongest to get a menu and a whole crew of employees were right next to us playing bowling. Oh, and kitchen was closwd at 10pm when location close at 12am. We asked for a refund and GOT OUT OF THERE. First impression: place is horrible, staff was the worst. Not going back ever again. Dolphin Mall it is.

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