Thunderbowl Lanes – Englewood, OH

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Address 805 S Main St (SR 48)
City Englewood, OH 45322
Phone Number 937-836-5177
Map/Directions See Below
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Rating: 6.7/10 (7 votes cast)

This alley review was sent in by reader Kevin Mote. The setting is Thunderbowl Lanes in Englewood Ohio:

I have bowled at this alley for twenty years. It is 16 lanes, has some pool tables and a few arcade games (just to help keep the kids busy).

This house has been the only place I have bowled leagues in for twenty years. There are a few people in our Sunday mixed league that have been there all of those years.

It was one of the first alleys in the area to do Rock & Bowl in the dark late at night, and in my younger days I threw a lot of balls at pins in the dark.

Just a great place to see old friends and meet new ones.

In addition to the solid leagues, this alley also boasts Dayton’s best bowling birthday parties. You can visit Thunderbowl Lanes at their official website or on Facebook.

If you’ve ever visited Thunderbowl Lanes, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Rating: 6.7/10 (7 votes cast)
Thunderbowl Lanes - Englewood, OH, 6.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings


  1. This past Saturday night A group of my friends went to bowl here a few days ago and to have a good time. We paid 13.50 to get in for two hours for bowling and shoes. My cousin which is bad at bowling was learning how to bowl that night we went. A good friend of his which loves to bowl and by the way very good at it was teaching him that night. We spent over a 200 dollars there that night on food and drinks, no we were not drunk it was 7 of us or were we loud rude are ignorant. Not to mention it was only two other people there that night a couple when we walked in and they were just sitting at the table eating/drinking. We played one whole game which went really well no problems, the second game my cousin who was learning how to bowl threw the ball down the isle and it rolled into the gutter then over into the next lane which was also our lane. We had two isles because it was so many of us. My cousin said man that hurt my fingers got stuck. 10 seconds later the two lanes we were in lights cut off and this tall white skinny man came out yelling at us. No I’m not racist my mom is mixed and we had two white friends with us I just don’t remember his name. He said why did u do that, don’t do it again if so your out. We all looked in amazed like what!!! clearly it was a accident. He Said no it wasn’t I seen the whole thing, My cousin states if u seen the whole thing then u would no my fingers got stuck. He continued to argue with him and threatened to put us out. We not kids we are all between the ages of 27-32 and just wanted a calm mellow place to hang out for a couple hours. The man was rude out of line and unprofessional. My cousin told the guy he didn’t appreciate how and the things he said and he told him to get out are he was going to call the cops. This is one time I wish I had my video camera out, I was totally disgusted and turned off by this worker attitude and response. He was trying to show out, we noticed him flirting with this girl while we were there. Never will I ever go back are recommended any of my friends to go there, it made me sick to no I spent my money in a place like this. Now I no why when we walked in why there was only two people sitting there. Before I forget to mention the hour we were there not a soul came in. There are so many bowling place please don’t go here and I will continue to spread this situation of ours around. I still get sick of the stomach just thinking about it. Thanks for reading guys have a good day and remember don’t spend money here I thought about speaking with management but I’m sure nothing will get done about it anyways

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