Alley Katz – Westerly, RI

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For forty-eight years this building has served as a community bowling and entertainment center for the town of Westerly, Southern Rhode Island, and Southeastern Connecticut. Built in 1960 by the General Cinemas Company, it was operated under the name of Holiday Lanes.

In 1985 the business was bought by Wood Foss and it became what it is to this day, the Alley Katz Entertainment Center. Since then, many improvements have been made; including electronic scoring systems, synthetic lanes, and the creation of various leagues to accommodate competitors of all skill levels. All in the effort to enhance your bowling experience.

Additionally, advanced lighting systems, musical equipment, and fog machines were brought in for the Rock N’ Bowl on Saturday nights.

In October of 1991 the old “Snack Bar” was recreated into the full-scale restaurant and sports club we all know as Cleats. Featuring fresh and innovative pub fare and an ever-widening selection of refreshing beverages. Random fact: In the 60’s the bar had Go-Go cages with dancers and all!

Today, Alley Katz Entertainment Center & Cleats Sports Club continues to serve as a place to meet and relax for people of all ages and types. The owners and employees strive to create a welcoming, fun, and family-oriented establishment.

“We are always updating our building, services, and products to better serve our guests,” said an alley representative. We hope you enjoy your time with us as much as we enjoy having you. Thank you for all being such great friends. We look forward to opening our doors to you every day!


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Rating: 7.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Alley Katz - Westerly, RI, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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