Mustang Alley’s – Baltimore, MD

Key Alley Information

Address 1300 Bank St
City Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone Number (410) 522-2695
Map/Directions See Below
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Mustang Alley’s Bar, Bowling, and Bistro in Baltimore has twelve bowling lanes, but in an interesting twist, they aren’t all the same. And I’m not talking just about different oil patterns.

Instead, eight of the lanes are regular 10-pin bowling lanes, and the remaining four are duckpin lanes.

So if you want an interesting new bowling challenge, (or if you get so frustrated after a game that you simply can’t face another regular-sized pin) you might want to try out duckpin style. In duckpin bowling, the pins are significantly shorter and squatter, and the balls are smaller and lack finger holes. There’s also another advantage: you get three shots per frame!

The lanes at Mustang Alley’s overlook four huge TVs (150” HDTVs to be exact) that are always showing the big game. Due to the alley’s popularity and the fact that it only has twelve lanes, reservations are recommended to ensure you get to bowl when you want to. Prices are by the hour, and if you reserve more than two lanes for more than two hours, you’ll need to leave a deposit. But don’t fret if plans change: your deposit can be used towards a future date. (Be sure to double-check with the alley to ensure you know all the rules)

In addition to the variety of bowling that takes place at Mustang Alley’s, bowlers have access to servers who bring them drinks and food right to their lane. There’s no need to take a trek up to a counter or sit down at a restaurant table in order to grab a snack. The menu includes favorites such as burgers and pizza, but also “Grand Offerings” like steak, fish tacos, and a “striker sampler,” which includes a half rack of ribs, grilled chicken breast, and a broiled crab cake served with sweet potato fries and cole slaw.


1300 Bank Street Second Floor Baltimore, MD 21231

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Mustang Alley's - Baltimore, MD, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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