Southtowne Lanes Bowling Center – Eugene, OR

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Address 2486 Willamette St
City Eugene, OR 97405
Phone Number (541) 345-8575
Map/Directions See Below
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Rating: 6.0/10 (2 votes cast)

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Rating: 6.0/10 (2 votes cast)
Southtowne Lanes Bowling Center - Eugene, OR, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


  1. Please help the U of O students by getting this review to the owner’s attention!

    Had a horrible experience with the Southtowne Lanes today. My student group reserved few lanes for $20/hour/lane rate. We went in today and the guy on the register didn’t know we reserved them for that rate. He charged us per person rate which is way more than what we’ve expected. I was busy handling the large group and wanted people to start playing so they don’t wait too long. So thinking to deal with the payment later which I had to pre-pay, I didn’t ask the details on the price. The cashier blames me that I didn’t tell him about the $20 rate, which doesn’t make sense because he should have known as an employee as we’ve already discussed over the phone. All I wanted to do is change the payment to $20/hr/lane rate and he refuses to… No manager available.. no phone # to speak with the owner. We wanted to play another game but he tells me that he has the right to refuse any customer so we got kicked out. I just want to get this to the owner’s attention and get our money back. We are college students needing every penny we can get back. We’ve over-paid for your horrible service, give us our money back!!

    The guy who worked on Oct. 23 at 7pm, I asked him if the owner cares how he is handling the situation and he said no, the owner doesn’t care how the business is run. So I want to hear if this is true from the manager/owner.

    • Thanks for coming by the bowling center .. Sorry you had a bad experience … We never reserve lanes for a price … Southtowne Lanes only takes reservations for the time and date you ask for..
      this is a free no charge reservation … you call you make a reservation for date and time …
      when you get to the bowling center you decide what rate you want to bowl … games or hours
      If you bowled before 6pm you only paid $12 per lane per hour or $3.50 per person per game ..
      If you reserved for 6pm or after you get to make the choice of Hourly for $20 per hour or $5 per person per game … We are Pre-Pay so you get to decide before you pay .. once it is paid and started it can not be changed .. but that is your choice at the time of payment .. this is posted on line at and on the hand out sheets in the bowling center and on the recorded phone message it reminds you to look at the web site for prices and hours of operation … If you actually went to the website you would be able to easily contact the owner with the email provided on the hand out sheets in the bowling center or from the website … If you choose to go ahead and bowl you were charged for what you asked for since you have already said you prepaid …
      IF you really are college students and need every penny this is a optional recreation and please be sure and check all bowling centers before returning to ours .. we pride ourselves on our service and we also pride ourselves on not allowing unthoughtful treatment of our employees, they do not deserve that as they are doing their job as they have been taught …..
      As far as I am aware of we are one of the only bowling centers that will take reservations and set aside lanes for the public bowler …………. I don’t believe that you really believe that the owners don’t care how their business is run ……………..
      Thanks for coming by ………………………….

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