Ten Pin Alley & Spikes – Hilliard, OH

Key Alley Information

Address 5499 Constitution Blvd
City Hilliard, OH 43026
Website http://www.tenpinalleyandspikes.com/
Phone Number (614) 876-2475
Map/Directions See Below
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Rating: 8.0/10 (4 votes cast)

Ten Pin Alley & Spikes, located in central Ohio, describes itself as the best “boutique” center in the area. Now what does this exactly mean in the context of bowling?

The idea is that Ten Pin Alley & Spikes offers a wide variety of entertainment on its premises, much more than you would expect from a “traditional” bowling alley. They claim they offer a classy, upscale environment but one that is still friendly for the family. One thing is certain, at least, there certainly is plenty to do.

Events, Activities, Entertainment!

In addition to 16 lanes decked out with couches and flat screen TVs, you can do plenty of non-bowling activities at Ten Pin Alley & Spikes. Depending on the weather, you might prefer either indoor lounge or the outdoor bar and patio.

If it’s one of those outdoor days, then you also have the opportunity for an activity we’ve never seen at a bowling alley: sand volleyball! They offer volleyball leagues in Spring, Summer and Fall in co-ed recreational format. If league bowling just isn’t cutting it for you, maybe you’d be better off with a ball that you can smack around without seriously injuring yourself.


The upscale bowling center also offers some pretty tasty cuisine; they even have the benefit of an in-house chef! Food items include Big Lebowski Nachos, the famous Spike’s burger, Italian style paninis and Pizzas and flatbreads.

Ten Pin Alley & Spikes appears to have made a smooth transition to the digital age, as they have popular Facebook and Twitter accounts and even a website that is XHTML compliant!

Our Verdict:

Atmosphere: B+

Food: A-

Price: B

Features: A-


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Rating: 8.0/10 (4 votes cast)
Ten Pin Alley & Spikes - Hilliard, OH, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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